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  Check out these sites for more information about primal and related topics.

Sam Turton's primal music
- site devoted to CD "feel"—with sound clips, photos, lyrics and more

The International Primal Association (IPA)
- world-wide primal community since 1973

Primal Psychotherapy Page (PPP)
- John Speyrer's site is the most complete primal resource on the web

Terry Larimore's website
- excellent site on shock and trauma

Birth Psychology Homepage (APPPAH)
- excellent source for perinatal psychology and health

Primal Matters
- Esta Powell: Primal Integration Facilitator in Columbus, Ohio

Primal Center of British Columbia
- Agnes and Ernst Oslender's well-established west coast primal practice

Primal Integration Center of Michigan
- Barbara Bryan's primal center

Michael Hoyland-Young
- Michael Hoyland-Young's psychotherapy practice in Toronto, Ontario

The Aware Parenting Institute
- Aletha Solter's site on feeling-oriented child rearing

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